Miscellaneous information


Breakfast Club is open to all students before school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It is held in the Home Economics room and is run by a wonderful band of community volunteers. Sponsored by Foodbank WA, students are offered a variety of food, and in the cold winter months, hot Milo drinks are very popular!

For further information on how Foodbank WA helps families - and how you might be able to contribute to their cause, click on this link: https://www.foodbankwa.org.au


Please make sure that items of your child's clothing, especially windcheaters and hats, have the child's name marked clearly. Parents are also urged to take immediate action over any items that do not come home the same day. A lost property box is located in the Student Services room and parents are welcome to go through this at any time (please sign in front office first), students may do so at lunch times.


Under the Department of Education Regulations, a teacher has authority to inspect a child's head if he or she has reasonable grounds for believing that it is infested with lice. Routine checks for head lice are not carried out at school. If head lice are present, the child is required to be excluded drom school. A child may return to school once one of the recommended treatments has been completed and all of the living lice and most of the eggs have been removed.

For further information on head lice, click here.

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